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-:APH:- Good... Things Come In Small Packages? by Vilshanka -:APH:- Good... Things Come In Small Packages? by Vilshanka

I basically need to slowly update my Gallery so that's the only reason for pixeling this little guy.

Slovenia~ A fucking small country that looks like a little chicken in the middle of big Europe~

Thus the chicken in the pic... Who knows, maybe Slovenia's the mom of Gilbird *pffffft*~

And we also have the Olm, which Postojna is known for,

a Tilia leaf which is, like, a symbol of Slovenia,

Cockta, a drink that resembles Coca Cola but, in my opinion, tastes much better (it has a kind of blueberry flavor),

Slovenian flag duh,

a bunch of confetti and a krof (of course from Trojane *wink**wink*) representing the festival/carnival and holiday Pust which is Ptuj most known for (I wanted to draw the Kurent but was too lazy to),

a Lipizzaner, which is Lipica most known for, since it originates from there,

and Cviček, Slovenian wine (representing the.... ''love'' of alcohol in Slovenians, hehe).

I guess I could've drawn žgance, Kranjsko klobaso or Prekmursko gibanico but, truth to be told, I don't like those dishes.
Like, seriously. I'll never understand what's so good about Prekmurska gibanica to others, I just dunno...

But I do like potica, especially with walnuts and drinking chocolate milk with it, yum~
And I can deal with the Kras ham, it's nice to eat it once in a while~

Slovenia (c) Tix, Janez Margon
art (c) me

I really had no idea what the fuck to do with the flag, I've just... blagh, shaded it and left it like that.

Upam, da me nebo noben prišo na dom ubit zaradi tega...
Zaradi teka ker sem naredla našega deda tako... babo... Samo, ei! Če pa je res! Če bi meli mi svoj lik v Hetaliji bi naš ded bil taka baba...
Če pa resno glej, do leta 91 smo bli pod nadzorom drugih, se ti ne zdi da to pomeni da je preveč, I dunno, submissive?!

Yep, I'm gonna get killed for this...
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July 27, 2012
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